arurests: (Default) - importing, layouts, what HTML tags can be used, workarounds for a few things that can't be used (i.e. ) -- HTML tags that we can use on DW! This has more stuff compared to the first one, I think :o - different site skins/tweaks - details on how to install the one most similar to LJ - a bunch of useful links in the "coding and prettifying" section ( these guides are especially helpful wrt what works/doesn't for HTML -- I think this is something we should go over b/c dreamwidth has very different quirks than LJ in this department)

** I think the bakerstreet link pretty much has everything covered. I think. But I think it would be weird if we just dump all the links on people? Maybe we can actually come up with a summary of all of these that could function as a simple tutorial for the basic issues/changes in DW and stuff like that. Then just add the actual links to everything at the bottom of the post if they ever want to read more! Just so they don’t have to click all the things. - Nikki

Yeah, we should definitely come up with a summary-- the links are useful, but it might be kind of overwhelming because there is so much out there if we just drop the links on them. :|a I can start trying to come up with a basic summary of awesome things and stuff today. - Debs

yeah, I didn't leave the links in with the intent to drop them on people, I just dropped them in here so we'd have them all in one place and something to start with w/o having to comb back through. the notes are just so it's easier to tell what is where. - Carolyn

Things we should cover on based on the post iin the ooc comm:
1) html tags in general! :o
2) mass icon uploading (with importing, w/o importing, using other programs/scripts, etc.)

I think if we have enough topics to cover, we can all have one topic to discuss and then compile everything for a giant post of information. ‘A’b - Nikki

I like that idea. ‘A’b I’m drafting up something for HTML/basic cool DW things right now (I meant to start yesterday, but I got caught up in holiday stuff). - Debs


Hello! This guide will cover a lot of the things that you need to know about using Dreamwidth. While the majority of the site is a lot like Livejournal in terms of how it operates, there are a few big differences.



If you don't like the styles that Dreamwidth gives you (Tropospherical Red, Tropospherical Purple, Celerity, Gradiation Horizontal, Gradiation Vertical, or Lynx), it is possible to change how your page looks by using some userscripts that have been created. There are a few out there thanks to some awesome script writers.

    This style will allow you to have a style that looks very similar to Livejournal pre-release 88.
    There is also a lot here. It ranges from different styles, to different tiny icons for usernames and the various functions you can use to edit entries, fixing the page-width, and tweaking the navigation bar.
    • For journal layouts, Dreamwidth has a ton that you can pick from by going to organize → select layouts, or you can go to [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts or [site community profile] dreamscapes.
    • You can find already made tables for various things at [community profile] dreamcodes.


This one is a big one! The HTML differences between Dreamwidth and Livejournal are pretty big due to how Dreamwidth tries to make their website as accessible as possible. Don't worry, we have your back.

Here is a list of basic (some not so basic) HTML codes that you might use for roleplaying purposes!

• <a>LINK</a> — That linking tag! Your text will look like this.

• <b> <u> <i>— That bold tag! Underline! Italicize! If you combine all of them, Your text will look like this.

• <blockquote>TEXT</blockquote> — Blockquote! Formats your text and makes it look like a direct quotation.
Your text will look like this.

•<font> — Font tags are a bit tricky. You can still use <font face=font> to change your fonts, but when you try and mess with the text’s size, it stays the same.

Your text will look like this, if you change the font to Trebuchet MS. :)

• <span> — As mentioned, Dreamwidth won’t let you change font sizes that easily! To change all your font attributes in one <tag thing>, you can use <span>!

<span style="font-size: 16pt; font-family:trebuchet ms; font-style: italic;">look at this awesome text!</span>

Using that, your text will look like this: Your mom is an awesome text.

If you want to just change the font size, just remove the “font-family” and “font-style” attributes! But keep the semi-colon ; at the end of the tag.


This is something that varies a bit between Livejournal and Dreamwidth! While which code you use to make [profile] thomasthetrainengine happen doesn't matter much since they'll both do the same thing, there is a slightly different code used here. These codes also work with OpenID and Feeds, too.

<lj user="thomasthetrainengine"> <user name="thomasthetrainengine">


Cuts are actually a lot like usernames. Both codes are useable and function the same, but Dreamwidth still has its own special code if you want to use that instead.

<lj-cut> <cut>
<lj-cut="thomas the train engine"> <cut="thomas the train engine">


Okay, this is a pretty cool one! Dreamwidth also allows you to link to other websites and it gives them a cool icon when you do that, too. Here are the websites currently supported and the HTML for them: archiveofourown, blogspot, deadjournal, delicious, deviantart, inksome, insanejournal, journalfen,, livejournal, plurk, ravelry, twitter, tumblr, and wordpress.

<user name="thomasthetrainengine" site="">



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